Relief for the Lake Constance area


The B31 is one of the busiest federal roads on Lake Constance and is regarded as the bottleneck of the region. It will be extended or improved at numerous points in order to accommodate tens of thousands of vehicles that travel there every day. The largest ongoing project after the Überlingen bypass is the B31 bypass near Friedrichshafen, which is currently under construction.

The project involves the four-lane new construction of the B31 north of the city of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance between the entrance to Immenstaad in the west and the already completed B31 at the Colsmannstrasse junction. The new B31, a good seven kilometers long, is to reach the districts of Fischbach, Spaltenstein and Schnetzenhausen thanks to a changed route. 13 bridges and a 700 meter long tunnel with two tubes in the Waggershausen area are part of this construction project.

SÜLZLE Stahlpartner is supplying around 7,500 tons of reinforcing steel for this major construction site from the main Rosenfeld site on behalf of Baresel from Leinfelden-Echterdingen. The planned construction period for the entire project is from August 2017 to December 2019.