Arbeitszeiteinsparung, je nach Konstruktion, um bis zu 50%


Materialeinsparung durch Optimierung der Bewehrungsführung


Maßgenauigkeit der Bewehrung durch CNC-gesteuerte Fertigung

SÜLZLE reinforcement baskets (SAK): Cost advantages through precision and planning reliability

Custom-made reinforcement cages from SÜLZLE Stahlpartner stand for modern reinforcement technology that drastically reduces the use of materials and working time on the construction site. In this way you increase the individual performance of your employees and also improve the quality of the reinforcement through CNC-controlled production of the baskets.

Your advantages with the SÜLZLE reinforcement cages SAK (German):


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The SAK offer a whole range of advantages over the conventional reinforcement by your employees on site and thereby reduce your costs:

Saving of working time:
up to 50% depending on construction
Material savings through optimisation of reinforcement
Dimensional accuracy of the reinforcement due to CNC-controlled production

Application examples:

The SÜLZLE reinforcement cage is very versatile due to its manufacturing options and is therefore the ideal reinforcement solution for a wide range of construction projects:

  • Connecting reinforcement
  • corner bracket
  • Foundation haunch / Foundation reinforcement
  • Ceiling edge reinforcement
  • Butt joint reinforcement
  • Column reinforcement
  • Girder reinforcement
  • Parapet reinforcement
  • Ceiling
  • Retaining wall connection

What are the manufacturing options for the reinforcement cages?

Depending on the application for which you need your reinforcements, you can freely choose from the following basic principles:

  • Installation-optimised distribution of the maximum of three longitudinal bars on the SAK
  • Bar diameter of the brackets from 8-12mm (optional 14mm)
  • Bracket distance from 50mm possible
  • Different bracket distances and rod diameters within one SAK possible

Further information about SAK and SAK-Plus:

On the product pages of SÜLZLE Stahlpartner you will also find further information about the SAK-Plus, which is immediately ready for use on the construction site due to the factory welding in of the longitudinal reinforcement and thus further increases your savings potential.

You can also download our Info-Flyer as a PDF file here:

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