Reinforcement steel meshwork B500 A/B

    Concrete reinforcement steel meshwork of steel grades B500A (material 1.0438) or B500B (material 1.0439) in accordance with DIN-488-1:2009-08, regulated by DIN 488-4:2009-08. Concrete reinforcement steel meshwork is a rational means of reinforcement that is primarily used for flat reinforcement, such as for floor plates, ceilings and walls. Concrete reinforcement mats consist of interwoven concrete reinforcement steel rods that are connected permanently where they cross in certified factories, either semi- or fully-automatically, by means of electrical projection welding (electrical resistance spot welding). The welding process must correspond to the requirements of DIN 488-4-2009-08, Points 6.2.2 and

    Concrete reinforcement steel meshwork B500A can be made of concrete reinforcement steel B500A (material 1.0438) and/or concrete reinforcement steel B500B (material 1.0439). Concrete reinforcement steel meshwork B500B must be manufactured from concrete reinforcement steel B500B (material 1.0439). For the named concrete reinforcement steels, the requirements of DIN 488-1:2009-08 to DIN 488:3-2009-08 apply.