Drawing mesh

    Concrete reinforcement steel drawing mesh of steel grades B500A (material 1.0438) or B500B (material 1.0439) in accordance with DIN-488-1:2009-08, regulated by DIN 488-4:2009-08. Drawing mesh is reinforcement mats that are custom-designed for your application when a standardised reinforcement mat cannot be used. By using concrete reinforcement steel drawing mesh, mat reinforcement can be rationalised further while saving costs.

    As all reinforcement mats, drawing mesh consists of woven reinforcement rods that are connected by means of resistance spot welding at the factory. Custom drawing mesh planned for a special application can be realized if the individual drawing mesh is feasible based on a specified description of the mesh structure and the possible limits are observed. Reinforcement mats that cannot be manufactured with the specified description fall into the category of drawing mats.