HS-mats are standardised concrete reinforcement steel drawing mesh and are primarily used as connection reinforcement once machined (bent). As with other reinforcement mats, HS-mats also consist of woven longitudinal and transverse rods connected by means of resistance spot welding, where the centre piece (bending area) of the mats does not feature longitudinal reinforcement.

    HS-mats are used as connection reinforcement in corner connections or wall-wall, wall-ceiling and wall-foundation connections. As a rule, the longitudinal and transverse rods of HS-mats are manufactured using cold-straightened wire rod in accordance with DIN 488-1:2009-08 in steel grade B500A (material 1.0438), which must be registered according to your needs. A version in steel grade B500B (material 1.0439) in accordance with DIN 488-1:2009-08 is possible as drawing mesh.