Volkswagen assembly hall


almost 50,000 square meter assembly hall

Volkswagen assembly hall for e-vehicles

Even in the Corona crisis, Volkswagen is systematically pressing ahead with the conversion of its plants to electric mobility as planned. The core of the factory expansion in Emden is the construction of an almost 50,000 square meter assembly hall (Hall 20), in which exclusively electric vehicles will be assembled on the first floor.

The new assembly facility for modular e-drive units (MEB) is to be built to the south of the logistics center (Hall 9) constructed in 2012. The assembly will be divided into the following areas: Hall with docking stations on the south and west facades, battery storage and sequencing. In addition, a three-story peripheral building with offices and meeting rooms as well as technical and social rooms is planned. The approximately 6,500-square-meter top floor of Hall 20 will also house the major components of the building’s technical equipment. For this forward-looking construction project, the SÜLZLE Stahlpartner branch in Seelze has been supplying around 9,000 tons of reinforcement and welded columns since October 2020 on behalf of the Matthäi/Matthäi Betonbau VW Halle 20 consortium from Westerstede and Bremen. Completion is expected in summer 2021. From 2022, the all-electric ID.4 compact SUV will then roll off the production line in East Frisia for the first time.

Facts and figures about the project:

9.000 tons

reinforcing steel

1.000 tons

storage mats

900 tons

welded supports

50.000 m2

assembly hall



Location of the reference project “Volkswagen assembly hall for e-vehicles”


26723 Emden

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