New clinic building


Geplante Eröffnung im Jahr 2024

New clinic building in Göppingen

With a total volume of around 427.6 million euros, the new construction of the Klinik am Eichert in Göppingen is one of the largest construction projects in Baden-Württemberg. For the new building SÜLZLE Stahlpartner supplied from its locations in Dornstetten and Göppingen in cooperation with LEONHARD WEISS more than 10,000 tons of reinforcement steel and about 17,000 screw connections. On approximately 43,000 square meters of floor space, space for state-of-the-art medicine and care will be created. The goal is to secure the high-quality health care of the approximately 250,000 people in the district of Göppingen and beyond in the long term. The shell of the base floor of the new building has been largely completed since September. The opening of the new clinic is planned for 2024.

Facts and figures about the project:

10.000 tons

reinforcement steel

rund 17.000

screw connections


floor space

Our partner’s opinion:

“The construction site Klinik am Eichert is running, as our client also says “like clockwork”. Even short-term additional quantities resulting from changes in plans were always processed promptly and delivered to the construction site as quickly as possible. We would like to say thanks for this delivery, which goes beyond a normal supplier relationship. The excellent, customer-oriented cooperation with your employees should be emphasized.”

Joachim Riegert und Peter Beddies, construction manager at LEONHARD WEISS

Location of the reference project “New clinic building”:

Klinik am Eichert Göppingen
Eichertstraße 3
73035 Göppingen

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SÜLZLE Stahlpartner branchs Dornstetten and Göppingen:

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