“Green steel” for KIPP extension building


Green Steel by SÜLZLE Stahlpartner

“Green steel” for KIPP extension building

With a total area of 4.300 m2 , the project is a showcase construction project: Modern logistics technology and sustainable building materials help to protect the environment. Around 400 tonnes of “green steel” will be supplied by SÜLZLE Stahlpartner from Rosenfeld for the extension building by June 2021. KIPP offsets CO2 pollution during steel production with a climate protection contribution per tonne of reinforcing steel supplied. This is confirmed by a certificate that Heinrich Sülzle handed over to the building owners Nicolas and Heinrich Kipp. The contribution supports projects in emerging and developing countries. “Steel is also the recycling world champion, as it can be reprocessed again and again without any loss of quality. Hardly any other building material stands for such sustainability,” said Heinrich Sülzle, Managing Partner of the SÜLZLE Group at the presentation of the certificate.

“We are pleased about the increasing demand for “green steel” and congratulate the KIPP company on its promising extension building”.

Heinrich Sülzle, Managing Partner of the SÜLZLE Group.

Zahlen und Fakten zum Projekt:

400 t

CO2-neutral reinforcing steel

4.300 qm

Total area

Location of the reference project:

Heubergstraße 2
72172 Sulz am Neckar

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